Digital Transformation and Secure Systems

March 19, 2018

Organizations face a number of challenges with regard to digital transformation, many of them related to managing massive volumes of data while trying to stay clear of cybercriminals. Threats have become more complex, forcing businesses to look deeper into how they can protect themselves.
It’s been almost 25 years since the development of the first network security solution. These early solutions focused mainly on network connections. The use of firewalls played heavily into controlling who could connect to a network. Eventually, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) became a source for encrypting traffic.
A milestone in the history of security solutions and digital transformation came with the advent of Fortinet, which developed anti-virus and intrusion prevention solutions that became widely popular and are still employed on systems today.
Now that digital transformation has really taken hold and the Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality, we’re forced to apply even stricter security measures on our systems, all while trying to stay productive in the ways that we access our tightly locked down data.
It wasn’t that long ago that all data was stored in-house on company-owned servers. These servers and all the applications residing on them had to be managed by a team of IT professionals. Data breaches were not uncommon. The biggest evolution in terms of data today is that we’re relying more on cloud-based solutions.
Thanks to the cloud, data no longer has to reside on-site on expensive and tough-to-maintain servers. The cloud takes the management of all infrastructures out of the hands of the client and into those of the vendor. Furthermore, scalability is no longer an issue as cloud providers have virtually limitless amounts of space for data.
However, security remains an issue despite the fact that data doesn’t reside locally. Your network is still vulnerable to attack. Endpoints and IoT devices are areas where malware can be introduced. There is a need for a more dynamic scaling of security in an effort to respond to resources within networks that tend to change frequently.
The basic firewall is no longer safe, as data must be protected remotely. There also needs to be a shift in how we think about our devices and infrastructure. This includes physical and virtual devices extending to multi-cloud ecosystems.
At Access Tech, we can help you manage your digital transformation while keeping your data safe and secure. Our consultants are comprehensive in their approach, tailoring each solution to the unique needs of the client. Contact us today and let’s let talk about how we can streamline your services while saving you money.

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