Proper Cloud Security Demands a Clear Strategy

September 18, 2017

The concept of moving information and applications to the cloud has some excited about the possibilities and others scared that their most sensitive information will be more vulnerable to hackers. Those that fall into the second group tend to simply lack an understanding of cloud security and therefore they believe they have the resources available to keep their information safer than trusting it to someone else.
Most of these company representatives however are already using cloud services, they just aren’t connecting the dots. It’s often assumed that if there isn’t a mass data dump of everything on the company servers, everything is still happening in-house. The office manager that starts leveraging an online site for product ordering, job posting and even idea sharing is engaging in information exchange, transactions and other activities in the cloud.
The Cloud is Already in Use
The individuals at the top may be convinced that the cloud doesn’t make sense from a security standpoint, but the office manager has already recognized the value. Chances are that particular individual is meeting goals and reporting accordingly, but nowhere is it necessary to report on these activities as having anything to do with the cloud. The only problem is that it doesn’t help in trying to change the perception surrounding cloud security. To make that change, those with little understanding need insight into what the cloud can actually do for the organization.
Where is Cloud Winning?
From a security standpoint, let’s consider the primary question that tends to plague every leader’s mind: can cloud solutions provide the same level of protection we create in-house? While the experts may argue over the answer, there is a simple way to decide. If your organization does not have the same data capacity, redundancy and uptime guarantees of the cloud provider, your environment may actually be the weaker of the two. This is where the cloud is winning – cloud security investments continue to be massive and more advanced than on-site offerings, pointing to the cloud for the more secure environment.
Form a Strategy
Still, it isn’t prudent to enter into any cloud agreement without a clear-cut strategy and a policy to support that strategy. Why are you considering the cloud? Identify the goals you have for making the changes and the outcomes you expect as a result. Then, outline the steps that need to happen, including what should be in the cloud and what makes sense to keep in-house. Outline all of this in your policy, as well as the tools you’ll use to monitor activity over time and the individuals who will be accountable for outcomes.
If it sounds like a lot to get started, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and we can help. At Access Tech, we have years of experience and the demonstrated expertise to help you define that strategy and execute on your plan accordingly. We’ll help you look at the details associated with cloud security so you’re ready to make an informed decision. Give us a call today and let’s get started.

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