How the IT Leader Can Drive Transformation

September 5, 2017

Innovation is one of those buzzwords that once possessed powerful meaning, only to be overused to the point that it sounds like little more than white noise. Anything referred to as innovative will no longer turn heads as it’s lost its luster and doesn’t create the perception that something bigger and better has arrived.
The same concept challenges every IT leader in the market.
These individuals are supposed to be influencing everything we do and from a technology experience, driving innovation – as it were – to the point of transformation unlike we’ve ever seen before. The problem is that current technologies we’ve come to take for granted require so much focus from the IT leader and his or her team, that we can no longer improve and grow at the desired pace.
With every new application, process or command, more time is required to keep it all running. As a result, it is time for the IT leader to transform the way IT gets done. IT departments must stop searching for validation, striving to prove their worth in an environment that can’t function without them. Significance is not born solely out of market trends, but instead out of improving processes, realizing new efficiencies and delivering on uptime promises.
Such a transformation, of course, requires more than just lofty goals. Instead, the IT leader must examine their top performers and put them in a position to focus on driving the business forward. In other words, these individuals shouldn’t be the ones responsible for putting out fires. These leaders should be allowed to set aggressive growth goals and align the department so it is better suited to reach those goals.
At the same time, these individuals need to be given the tools and the decision-making power to run IT faster, at a lower cost and more efficiently than it ever has in the past. For many organizations, this will require a focus on realigning key individuals throughout the organization, not just within the IT department. Likewise, leadership needs to assess what activities can easily be outsourced so that in-house talent is used only for those activities that actually move progress forward, enabling transformation.
The focus is no longer on innovation, but rather revolution. It’s time for the IT leader to take the bull by the horns and actually produce the outcomes necessary to take the organization to the next level. If this isn’t made a priority, progress can’t happen.
Are you ready to explore what this can mean for your organization? At Access Tech, it’s our primary focus to work with our customers directly, helping them assess where they are in their current IT strategy and executing on the tactics that need to happen to keep moving forward. If you’re ready to make this happen, we’re ready to talk. Give us a call today.

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