Ransomware and You

June 9, 2017
Insights from Access Tech

Ransomware is a Threat to Your Company and You

Yet another dangerous ransomware racket is happening and this time they are targeting HR departments, or anyone who is involved in the hiring process in your company. It is called GoldenEye and disguises itself as a PDF file cover sheet and an Excel spreadsheet. It is as that spreadsheet is opened when the ransomware makes its way into your server.
As you know, GoldenEye is clearly not the only culprit out there so taking precautions will help you in the long run.
To help avoid these types of emergencies, regularly backup your business’s files and applications to prevent having to pay ransoms if your computer becomes infected with ransomware such as GoldenEye.
Ways to Protect your Business:

  • Advise hiring managers to exercise caution when opening excel files attached to external job applicant information
  • Use anti-malware software
  • Keep your backups offsite
  • Have a disaster recovery process in place

We can help to customize your disaster recovery plan. Whether you have a backup server at another location, at a data center, at Amazon, or in the cloud, we can help you design and procure a recovery plan for you.
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