Big Leaf and The Cloud

November 1, 2016
Insights from Access Tech

We believe that access to the cloud requires a new generation of Internet connectivity. You shouldn’t have to worry about Internet connections, performance, or outages.

Is Big Leaf the Solution?

Big Leaf offers unique network architecture, and their SD-WAN technology optimizes application performance across a single Internet connection. While simultaneously leveraging the strength of multiple ISPs, Big Leaf offers these amazing options with the simplicity of a single plug-and-play connection.
With applications like hosted voice, Office 365, ERP, and other line of business applications moving to the cloud, up-time is critical. Here is one example: A 50 attorney law firm had a two hour Internet outage during the middle of the work day. As a result, they estimated that they lost $12,000 in revenue over that two hours, and that was in attorney productivity alone. To help prevent this from ever happening again, Access Tech installed a second Internet connection and a Big Leaf WAN optimizer. Together they now have reliable, predictable, and measurable Internet. This Outage Cost Calculator tool will help to gauge your potential loss.
Here’s a list to help you work through what downtime costs your business:

  • All internal business processes will cease; inventory tracking/ERP, billing, HR, intranet, etc.
  • Lost sales revenue; sales will have no access to customer or product data
  • Lost employee productivity; systems to keep them working are unavailable
  • No communication or email access
  • Cost to restore IT systems
  • Financial impact of customer dissatisfaction
  • Compliance violations, if applicable
  • Upstream and downstream supply-chain ripple effects
  • Potential litigation
  • Missed deadlines that result in employee overtime

As Big Leaf says, “The Cloud is Only as Good as your Connection.” As we looked at last month, SD-WAN is the way of the future, allowing us access to more data than ever before. Access Tech can help you with the right SD-WAN solution for your business.
If you would like more information, here is a great Big Leaf Overview.

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